Today is Monday, February 13th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3501

"When I think of the wisdom and scope of His plan I fall down on my knees and pray to the Father of all the great family of God---some of them already in heaven and some down here on earth----that out of HIs glorious, unlimited resources He will give you the mighty inner strengthening of His Holy Spirit. And I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts, living within you as you trust in Him. May your roots go down deep into the soil of God's marvelous love; and may you be able to feel and understand, as all God's children should, how long, how wide, how deep, and how high His love really is; and to experience this love for yourselves, though it is so great that you will never see the end of it or fully know or understand it. And so at last you will be filled with God himself.

~ Ephesians 3:14 - 19 LAB


*Bible Commentary:  "The great family of God includes all who have believed in Him in the past, all who believe in the present, and all who will believe in the future. We are all a family because we have the same Father. He is the source of all creation, the rightful owner of everything. God promises His love and power to His family, the church, if we want to receive His blessings, it is important that we stay in living contact with  are cutting themselves off from God's power.

"God's love is total, says Paul. It reaches every corner of our experience. It is long--it continues the length of our lives. It is deep--it reaches to the depths of discouragement, despair, and even death. It is wide---it covers the breadth of our own experience; and it reaches out to the whole world. It is high---it irises to the heights of our celebration and elation. When you feel shut out or isolated, remember that you can never be lost to God's love."