Today is Tuesday, August 1st, 2017; Karen's Korner #3612

I had lots of nice comments from yesterday's Karen's Korner.

Some were from those who had experienced similar losses with comments like 'Mom used to say to take one day at a time and pray'. Or 'my parents never got over the death of my brother'.

Still another couple comments, 'I am keeping your thoughts for the future. Never know when I might need it or be able to share with someone else.'

As I responded to one friend who complemented me on 'my strength', I typed, "not strength......known weakness. I can't handle things like Merry's (or Jim's) death'.

I also responded to several of you with these words:

"You will never guess, after I sent yesterday's Karen's Korner, I was sorting clothes in my basement. It seemed like God was telling me that 'today was a day to CELEBRATE!'

Didn't plan on anything special happening.....

"We are not supposed to 'endure' our days, we are to 'celebrate' them.......all of them. Everything! Even the things we don't care much for. Drives the devil nuts. He wants us sad, confused, frustrated. What happens when we don't do that?"