Today is Thursday, September 7th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3639

Something written by Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling:  Enjoying Peace in His Presence" from several days ago:

"Seek Me with your whole being. I desire to be found in you, and I orchestra the events in your life with that purpose in mind. When things go well and you are blessed, you can feel Me smiling on you. When you encounter rough patches along your life-journey, trust that My Light is still shining on you. My reasons for allowing these adversities may be shrouded in mystery, but My continual Presence with you is an absolute promise. Seek Me in good times; seek Me in hard times. You will find Me watching over you all the time."

~ Taken from Deuteronomy 4:19; Hebrews 10:23; Psalm 145:20