Today is Tuesday, February 6th, 2018; Karen's Korner #3729

Thanks for your nice notes back to me, in light of my sister Amy's death.

Here is our future and our hope:

"In the same way, our earthly bodies which die and decay are different from the bodies we shall have when we come back to life again, for they will never die. The bodies we have now embarrass us for they become sick and die; but they will be full of glory when we come back to life again. Yes, they are weak, dying bodies now, but when we live again they will be full of strength. They are just human bodies at death, but when they come back to life they will be superhuman bodies."

~ I Corinthians 5:42 - 44 LAB


Bible Commentary: "Supernatural means 'more than natural'. Thus our spiritual bodies will be above and not limited to the laws of nature. This does not necessarily mean we'll be superpeople, but our bodies will be different and more capable than our present earthly bodies."