Today is Tuesday, February 13th, 2018; Karen's Korner #3733

"Always be full of joy in the Lord,

I say it again, REJOICE!"

~ Philippians 4:4 LAB


Bible Commentary:  "It seems strange that a man in prison would be telling a church to be joyful. But Paul's (writer) attitude serves to teach us an important lesson---our inner attitudes do not have to reflect our outward circumstances. Paul was full of joy because he knew that no matter what happened to him, Jesus Christ was with him. Several times in this letter, Paul urges the Philippians to be joyful, probably because they needed to hear this. It's easy to get discouraged about unpleasant circumstances or to take unimportant event too seriously. If we haven't been joyful lately, we may not be looking at life from the right perspective.

"Ultimate joy comes from Christ dwelling within us. At Christ's Second Coming, we will fully realize this ultimate joy, because He who dwells within us will fulfill His final purpose for us."

God, thank You for giving us joy, whether we feel like it, act like it, or not.

You have done unbelievable things for us so that we can enjoy this life and the plans you have for each one of us.

We are so happy that you are God and you have everything under control. Yesterday. Today. and Forever.

In Jesus Name, Amen.