Today is Tuesday, April 10th, 2018; Karen's Korner #3772

Lots of bad things happening in our world; sometimes being caused by bad people. We learn about most of them by listening to various forms of media.

But I wonder if there are more good things happening; many times by good people, which are left unreported.

My sister Jan made me aware of Mason City's Youth for Christ group; she sent me a clipping of what they had done. Some readers who live in the Mason City area may know the story better than I do.

The group was recently given The Campus Impact Award, a national recognition which is hard to meet its standards. It hadn't been awarded for several years.

What had their organization done? Most of us in north central Iowa, and maybe beyond, recall hearing of a fiery car crash in Mason City about a year ago.. Five young people died in that early morning accident when their vehicle hit a utility pole. Tragic is probably an understatement.

Their Youth for Christ group raised the funds to pay for all five funerals! "Raising finances for the funerals was a drop in the bucket compared to the emotional support the Youth for Christ team provided for the friends, family, and schoolmates," the article stated.

The Mason City based group meets weekly with about one hundred kids, enlisting numerous volunteer leaders. They meet to 'play games, hear about Jesus, and talk about the hardships of life.......a safe place for our high school students to find someone to pray with, have a volunteer listen about their struggles, or find a source of encouragement rarely found in the world (quoted from this clipping).

It has to be a 'praise God' story; group!!