Today is Monday, June 4th, 2018; Karen's Korner #3811

Mentioned  by our minister in yesterday's sermon.

In a phone call from a minister friend in Tennessee, he commented on an illustration he wanted to use in his sermon to 300-plus congregants with different results than he had anticipated.

He asked, "How many of you heard from God this week? About three hands went up.

His next question, "How many of you heard from the devil/evil thoughts?" A flurry of hands were in the air.

His comments next, "The kingdom you listen to Is the kingdom you believe!"

Do we too many times miss God's words? In the comments from a friend? In the beauty of something in nature? Words that seem to leap off the pages as we read the Bible? Even some words we have read before, but jump into your thoughts and life this time?

God speaks; do we listen?


Sarah Young's writing in "Jesus Calling:  Enjoying Peace in His Presence", has her taking Bible verses and writing as if God is speaking to us.........which He does! Here is yesterday's:

"I want to be central in your entire being.

When your focus is firmly on Me,

My Peace displaces fear and worries.

They will encircle you, seeking entrance,

so you must stay alert.

Let trust and thankfulness stand guard,

turning back fear before it can gain a foothold.

There is no fear in My Love,

which shines on you continually.

Sit quietly in My Love-Light,

while I bless you with radiant Peace.

Turn your whole being to trusting and loving Me."

~ taken from 2 Thessalonians 3:16; I John 4:18