Today is Thursday, July 5th, 2018; Karen's Korner #3834

I hope that you had a wonderful 4th of July celebrating with family and friends!

I enjoyed every part of the day from enjoying a parade at a neighboring town to spending time with family members!

As I drove home last evening from just over the border in Minnesota, northwest of my farm home, I had the opportunity to view several fireworks by local towns. All the displays of celebration, in spite of the fact that it was raining.

The rains were accompanied by lightning!

In the distant, the community displays, while some colored, were small and not as brilliant as was the strikes of lightning! Fireworks, then lightning!

Lightning was larger. Greater. Brighter. Higher. Sometimes more sustained.

As I watched the dual, it appeared that God was winning!

God expects us to do some 'things'. But what God can do is far superior to what we can do!

Praise Him!

"Power belongs to God!

His majesty shines down on Israel (and all of us!);

His strength is mighty in the heavens."

~ Psalm 68: 34 LAB