Today is Tuesday, January 15th, 2019; Karen's Korner #3957

Most churches have daily devotional booklets they give to people to read if they choose. Our church has them. My sister Jill's church in Washington state does (where I visited last week). On the way out of worship service a week ago Sunday, Jill grabbed their current "Portals of Prayer" and handed it to me.

Here is an entry from earlier this month. It reminds us of who we are; whose we are; and that we are loved. Sometimes in the 'rough and tumble' of life, we forget!

Remember Whose Child You Are

"The Lord bless you and keep you."  ~ Numbers 6:24

"Back in the day, I heard an expression that I began to use with my children. Before they would leave the house, I would set down some rules, tell them I loved them, and then tell them to 'remember whose child you are'. Although they heard the same words each time, they dared not leave before hearing them again!

"The Benediction that we might hear before leaving worship on Sunday, is God's way of saying, 'Remember whose child you are.' Because of His unfathomable love, He sent us Jesus, His only begotten Son, who carried all our misdeeds (even those done when we thought no one was looking!) to a cross, where He obediently offered up His life as the perfect atonement for our sins. Wrapped in Christ's robe of righteousness, we are God's blessed children, heirs of His kingdom of heaven.

"When we receive the Lord's benediction, we know that He is sending us out as His own dear children, forgiven, redeemed, and dearly loved!"

"Father, thank You for blessing keeping me as Your child. Amen."


~ written by Mrs. Laura L. Pickle from Rainbow City, Alabama

Bible readings for the day:  Numbers 6:22-27 & Psalm 113:2