Today is Tuesday, January 29th, 2019; Karen's Korner #3967

Today is our daughter Jamie's birthday. Happy birthday, Jamie!

Something written by Max Lucado and appropriate for parents with kids (and grandkids!) of any age:

Entrust Your Kids to Christ

"Fear turns some parents into paranoid prison guards who monitor every minute, check the background of every friend. A family with no breathing room suffocates a child. On the other hand, fear can also create permissive parents. Fearing that their child will feel too confined or fences in, they are high on hugs and low on discipline. They don't realize that appropriate discipline is an expression of love.

"Permissive parents. Paranoid parents. How can we avoid the extremes? We pray. Jesus' big message to moms and dads? Bring your children to me. Pray that your children have a profound sense of place in this world and a heavenly place in the next. Parents, we can trust our kids to Christ."

Dear Heavenly Father, we all thank You that You are our Heavenly Father. And Father to our children and our grandchildren. We give each one to You today. Remind us that You love each of them......and us, more than we can ever imagine. Thank You that You make a place for each one in this world......and for the Kingdom that is coming. Thank You for the plans You have for all of us! In Jesus' Name Who makes the impossible, possible! Amen.