Today is Wednesday, March 13th, 2019; Karen's Korner #3992

"And I assure you this:

I, the Messiah, will publicly honor you in the presence of God's angels,

if you publicly acknowledge me here on earth as your Friend.

But I will deny before the angels those who deny me here among men."

~ Luke 12:8, 9 LAB


Bible Commentary: "We deny Jesus when we: 1) hope no one will think we are Christians; 2) decide not to speak up for what is right; 3) are silent about our relationship with God; 4) blend into society; 5) accept our culture's non-Christian values. By contrast, we acknowledge Him when we: 1) live moral, upright, Christ-honoring lives; 2) look for opportunities to share our faith with others; 3) help others in need; 4) take a stand for justice; 5) love others; 6) acknowledge our loyalty to Him; 7) use our life and resources to carry out His desires rather than our own."