Today is Monday, March 18th, 2019; Karen's Korner #3995

(This is the last Karen's Korner until next Monday. First away from my computer because of snow; then computer troubles last Monday. Now I am traveling for a few days with granddaughters over spring break).

An ecumenical group of gals here just started a multi-week Bible study by Beth Moore titled "The Quest". It is in depth. It's going to be hard to get the full impact of what Moore is sharing, but it is good.

The first lesson had 'student's asking themselves five questions which God and Jesus asked people with whom they talked. Same questions which are asked, spiritually speaking:

"WHERE are you?  Was asked by God to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden after they had eaten forbidden fruit. (Genesis 3:9)

"WHO told you that?  When Adam and Eve told God they were naked, God in turn asked them 'who told you that?  (Genesis 3:11)

"WHAT are you seeking?   Jesus asked that question of the first handful of what would be His disciples, as they began following Him.  (John 1:38)

"WHY are you afraid?   The boat on which Jesus and His disciples was caught in a storm. Jesus asked them this question.  (Matthew 8:26)

"HOW much more.......?  Jesus illustration of a friend knocking and re-knocking, on another friend's door at midnight, with the friend eventually getting up and answering it. He said so it is with prayer and telling those who were listening how much more a perfect and loving Heavenly Father will do for us.  (Luke 11:13)

When things bombard our lives or thoughts, we need to ask ourselves, one or all of these questions:  'who told you that?' or 'why are you afraid?' The same God and Jesus who posed those questions to others in the Bible, are the same Ones who ask the questions of us.

Our response has to be 'what do I/we believe'?